If you believe,
you will recieve whatever
you ask for in Prayer. Matt 21:22


Christian International Europe- CIE

Christian International- CIMN

  • Christian International Headquarters is based in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, USA
  • The Apostle and founder of this work is Dr Bill Hamon, the ministry is truely international
  • There are many books written by Dr Hamon outlining the Apostolic and Prophetic Movement that are available through most Christian bookstores.
  • Why dont you visit CIMN by selecting:- www.christianinternational.com

The Watchman Network

  • Martha Lucia is the founder of the Watchman Network
  • Martha Lucia is an anointed Watchman/Prophet with an apostolic call to lay a foundation of prayer and the Word of the Lord in the lives of God’s people.
  • Martha Lucia has produced many books which are readily available
  • Why don’t you visit the Watchman Network at:- www.watchmannetwork.org

The School of the Holy Spirit (SOOTHS)

  • The School of The Holy Spirit (SOOTHS), begun February 2002 by Phillipa Thorpe
  • Under the guidance and overwhelming love of the Lord, SOOTHS has created an impressive 8 manuals which range from ‘Hearing the voice of God’, to various teachings on Christian values.
  • Phillipa passionately believes in ‘Christian values and Godly character’
  • Why don’t you visit SOOTHS by selecting:- www.sooths.co.uk