If you believe,
you will recieve whatever
you ask for in Prayer. Matt 21:22


The Book

Book CoverAs so many of my friends have said it is time to write the book, so here goes…

I will share with you the journey I believe the Lord has had me on for the past fifty years, starting with the rags and then showing you the riches. Having been born into a dysfunctional family and then having a foster family and now a family of my own, I can see the blessings of God upon my life, and just how faithful God is to His own.

It has been a time of testing and many trials, but the one thing that I can’t get out of my head is that, “If GOD is for me then who can be against me!” That has been the very key that brought me salvation and deliverance and hope.

Life has been a wonderful journey and is now a great blessing to me and my family as we explore God’s faithfulness to us all.

Our Hope

I trust that you receive all that God has for you and that this book will be a blessing to you, and bring you deliverance, freedom and hope, as these three things brought so much change to my life.

To Buy the Book

The Book is available at any Armchair Ministry Days, also at any of the Meetings and Conferences that Pam is attending priced at £5.00

The Book is also available from this site at the price of £5.00 & £2.00 p&p(UK only) by clicking the Paypal link below.

Thank You